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My Journey Into Film Photography

Jul 4, 2020

Adapt + Overcome

2020 Sure has been a wild right, hasn’t it? When the COVID-19 Pandemic struck and we were forced to close our doors, a little piece of my creative heart was taken away. It was a wild roller coaster of emotions for weeks. I felt like the one thing that made me feel like myself was swept away. After spending some time brainstorming ideas to bring my creative groove back, I realized it was time to adapt + overcome the hurdles of our new normal. I made the decision to take this unexpected time off to learn something different and be creative in a whole new way.

I have always loved the art of film. There is something so timeless about a film portrait. For instance, the depth and detail in every shot just draw you in. After investing in a few online courses (Julie Paisley’s Shooting Film Without Fear was my fav!) I decided to purchase myself a 35mm point and shoot camera. For $100 bucks I snagged a Canon E0S Elan 7 – and she was the BOMB. I fell in love after I shot my first roll!

Soon, my little point and shoot came with me everywhere. After my first scans returned from the lab, I knew I adored film. It was like Christmas getting that “Your Scans Are Ready!” email from the FindLab. I wanted to start sharing this new found love to my clients. I upgraded my little 35mm to a medium format, Pentax 645 and totted it along to a few shoots and even a wedding!

One of my most recent shoots was a beachside editorial on the Chesapeake Bay with my sweet friend and model, Brenna. As you can see for yourself, she is flawless and so beautiful to photograph!

Incorporating Film in LBP

I am thrilled for this new journey in my business. Right now, shooting film is a passion project. I am so excited I can share this new artform with my clients and give them another beautiful service.

Cheers to adapting to the change and overcoming the hurdles!

Things are on the up and up so get out there and try something new!

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