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LBP’s Wedding Tips for Success

Jan 26, 2020

Week One

For the next few weeks I will be sharing tips and tricks to help make your wedding planning run just a little bit smoother! Each week you will get one tip from a bride’s perspective, one from a groom’s perspective, one tip about ‘day of timeline’ management, and two tips or tricks for wedding day success. Ready to dive in?!

Bride’s Advice | Lizzy’s tip

Treat yourself to a special perfume. But, not just any perfume. Treat yourself to a perfume you’ve never bought before. Why? Everytime you smell it, it will take you back to your special day! My wedding day perfume was Jimmy Choo L’Eau and it was my gift to myself. I loved it! Everytime I smell it, the scent takes me back to getting ready in our bridal suite with my girls!

Groom’s Advice | Brandon’s Tip

Things will go wrong, small hiccups always happen. Take your time to really enjoy it and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s your night, don’t let any bump in the road take from that.

Day of Timeline Tip

If you’re an #LBPhotographyCouple you know I make you a day of timeline to help you sort out all of the details and keep you on track. I highly recommend a timeline and giving it out to at least two trusted members of your bridal party. For me, I shared it with my MOH, Colleen, and my Bridesmaid, Holly – who also happens to be a wedding photog and understands how important timelines are! At any given moment, these two could pull up the timeline and keep us on track. It was a life saver!

Wedding Succes Tip No. 1

Pick three things that matter most to you and invest!

For us, this was easy. 1. PHOTOGRAPHY | After the cake is cut and the guest leave all you have is your portraits. Invest in a bomb wedding photographer and thank me later. – Holla at Costola Photography & Costola Associates! 2. VENUE | When I found the Kyle House online, I feel in LOVE! I knew I wanted something that was different and the Kyle House was just that! 3. DESSERTS | We love desserts! Obviously we had to bring some of our Southern Maryland favorites with us! We enjoyed B Doughnuts and Nostalgia Cookie Creations in place of a traditional wedding dessert!

Wedding Succes Tip No. 2

Prioritize a First Look

Yes, I know first looks are not for everyone, but after being a bride myself, I am a proud supporter of a first look. Although it is not the traditional way of seeing your future spouse on your wedding day, it is so special and takes away so much stress. We put aside a solid 40 minutes for portraits prior to our ceremony and shared some special moments together before the spotlight was on us. Our bridal party loved it too! After our ceremony, we had already knocked out bridal party portraits so they could scoot into cocktail hour without the stress of extra pictures. We enjoyed how stress free the photography portion of our wedding was because we made it a priority!

See you next Sunday for more LBP Wedding Tips! Hug!

Thank you to our sweet friends at Costola Photography for capturing our special day!


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